Manchurian Deceiver to Dictator-In-Chief: A Follow Up

The Coming Dictatorship

Robert Ringer lays odds on when Obama might declare ‘state of emergency’

“… [I]f BHO truly has his mind set on establishing a dictatorship – and it is my personal belief that he does – it’s too risky for him to wait for a runaway inflation as an excuse to call a state of emergency. He knows that as long as there is a semblance of a free market in place, producers will continue to push back against the economy-killing effects of his policies.”

“Thus, he needs another excuse to declare a state of emergency…a nuke exchange between Iran and Israel …civil unrest due…”

The bottom line is that BHO is simply waiting and looking for THE excuse to establish dictatorial powers.

In his Communist Manifesto, Karl Heinrich Marx in 1948 strongly urged the use of any means, especially violent revolution, to bring about a dictatorial form of government.

Barack Hussein Obama will not let a crisis be wasted, even if he must create the crisis. Understand who Barack Hussein Obama really is by considering his actions, companionships and associations, not by his words and charisma.

“Do not be so deceived {and} misled! Evil companionships (communion, associations) corrupt {and} deprave good manners {and} morals {and} character.” (1 Cor 15:33 AMP)

“Awake [from your drunken stupor and return] to sober sense {and} your right minds, and sin no more. For some of you have not the knowledge of God [you are utterly and willfully and disgracefully ignorant, and continue to be so, lacking the sense of God’s presence and all true knowledge of Him]. I say this to your shame.” (1 Cor 15:34 AMP)

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