The California No Spanking/Abortion Hypocrisy

The California No Spanking/Abortion Hypocrisy

Assemblywoman Sally Lieber, D-Mountain View, recently announced that she is drafting a bill to outlaw the spanking of children up to 3 years old. Reportedly according to the Mercury News, “[f]or the record, she does not have children and says she was not slapped as a child.” Now if we applied the Senator Barbara Boxer’s “Rice Standard”, Assemblywoman Lieber is not qualified to draft a bill which deals with children.

But what is so outrageous, is that this is, at least, contradictory and at worst overt and blatant hypocrisy. According to the Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California’s (PPAC’s) 2006 Legislative score card, Assemblywoman Sally Lieber is “100% pro-choice”*. The main emphasis of the advocates of Roe v. Wade is “pro-choice” or more accurately, pro-abortion, let’s be frank.

It is blatant hypocrisy, that the very same so-called “pro-choice” liberal mindset ignores the premeditated murdering of babies, but will dictate no choice to parents when it comes to spanking.

What about a woman’s right to choose? What about a parent’s right to choose? Women have the right to murder a baby, but no right to spank the same child they could have murdered in the womb; how absurd is this.

It is overt and blatant hypocrisy that the very same liberal mindset ignores their own logic, only to pursue their morally destructive policies, for “we the people”.

By the way, we are not talking about beating—no hypocritical clouding of the real issue.

And just for the record, in general, this writer is not advocating the spanking of children under three. The issue of spanking may be discussed in more detail at a later time.


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